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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 7, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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it attacked during the morning swim near manhattan beach. fellow swimmers and paddle borders had to carteri man to -- carry the man to shore. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> no it's lined out to arias. good morning everyone. it is monday, july 7th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm brian hackney. we are on the scene of breaking news right now in the south bay. let's take a look. a two alarm fire is burning this morning in los gatos. it's at manrica's restaurant on village lane and you can see all the smoke in the area. no word on any injuries at this point or on what caused the fire. these are live pictures right now the smoke is still going. we're going to remain on the scene and bring you more information as it becomes available. in the meantime as we start out this monday morning, a look at weather and traffic and begin with lawrence. >> today is going to be probably the hottest day of the week. high pressure overhead is what we're seeing the the temperatures going sere away
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from the coastline -- soar away from the coastline. some monsoonal clouds sweeping in up above. so little bit of both going on outside as we head toward the afternoon. we'll still find hot temperatures in the valleys and some partly cloudy skies. temperatures there in the 90s even some triple digits well inland. 70s and 80s around the bay and cool 60s along the coastline. out the door we've got some fog into san francisco. some dense fog settling in along the coastline. 50s and 60s now. but by the afternoon, getting hot in spots 98 fairfield. 84 san jose and very comfortable 65 and fog in pacifica. liz? thank you and still avoid the scene of the major injury crash it happened overnight in fremont. a stretch of the parkway remains closed between sequoia road and peralta boulevard. drivers of a car hit a tree and was taken to the hospital with major injuries and the best alternate is fremont boulevard and again this is going to affect at least the beginning half of the morning commute. not expected to reopen until after 7:00. here's a live look at the bridge toll plaza. things have cleared out and we were seeing some slight delays
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in some cash lanes. not seeing those any longer and all is good. all from oakland into san francisco. no metering lights and no road work in either direction of westbound or eastbound 80. and that stretch of 280 extension reopened way ahead of schedule with more on that, here's brian. those words that i just heard you salices. ahead of schedule? three words you don't usually associate with roads and bridges around the bay area. but it had happened. 280 has reopened this morning. northbound was shut down for four days from the 101 split to king street. it was supposed to stay closed until now. 5:00 this morning. but caltrans reopened it about 7:00 last night. during the closure crews replaced a bridge hinge that's crucial for earthquake safety. one person is recovering after an accident on the fire lines near lake berryessa. a cal fire bulldozer rolled over but the operator is going to be okay. they also have a better idea of how big the monticello fire is.
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cal fire revised the acreage to about 6500 down from 7,000. the fire is 30% contained right now and three injuries have been reported due to the fire. and the nearby butts fire in napa county is 85% contained. it burned 4300 acres and destroyed two homes in the pope valley area. fire crews are still monitoring the area for hot spots. but all road closures and evacuation orders have been lifted. developing in some airports overseas, people flying into the u.s. are going through extra security checks this morning. tsa's paying especially close attention to electronic devices now. kpix 5's mark kelly is live at sfo with what security agents are looking for. good morning mark. >> reporter: good morning brian. well yeah that's right. tsa is concerned that al-qaeda is trying to make a bomb that current security screening cannot detect. so this new rule means passengers are going to have to turn on all of their electronic devices that includes cell phones, laptops, tablets, all those gadgets as they're
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heading through security. so this new rule doesn't affect all of us in the airport. it specifically is for people flying from major airports in the mideast and europe back into the u.s.. u.s. intelligence officials are concerned the westerners who traveled to syria and iraq to join the fighting there may try to blow up a plane. this takes a good deal of effort to implement a lot of coordination with foreign airports and the tsa. but homeland security says it's worth it. >> our job is to -- is to try to anticipate the next attack not simply react to the last one. and so we continually evaluate the world's situation. and we know that there remains a terrorist threat to the united states and aviation security is a large part of that. >> i'm all for it. because when you're on the plane, if something happens like that, they're trying to protect us. >> reporter: now make sure to have your gadgets charged before you get to the airport. that's going to become very
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important if you're not able to turn your device on. you're one going to have to go through additional screening, two, the security might actually take your device. live at sfo, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> all right thank you mark. officials say no specific terrorist threat prompted that new tsa rule. more buses filled with undocumented immigrants are expected to arrive in the southern california city of more yet that today but not everyone is protesting their arrival. pro immigration supporters now outnumber antiimmigration protestors there. protests have been going on all week after the border patrol decided to transfer immigrants there from overcrowded centers in texas. mayor long says his city has found itself in the middle of a national crisis. >> very small town here. all of a sudden we had a national problem. end up on our doorstep. people were concerned about the people the immigrants coming here, would they have proper facilities? who's going to take care of them? how long is this going to be for? and those were questions that
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we just didn't get any answers to. >> the immigrants who were supposed to be taken in at the center were sent elsewhere last week. keeping your personal information out of the hands of data brokers is the aim of a bill authored by a bay area lawmaker. now consumer don't have control over whether their private information is bought, sold or traded to a third party. >> so naturally criminal elements are taking advantage of that. they can get a lot of information on individuals by just going on the internet and paying very little money. >> state senator's bill gives consumers the opportunity to opt out but it's encountering of course strong opposition from the tech industry. the woman who was hit several times by a southern california chp officer is identified as 51-year-old marlien pinnic from los angeles. the officer says she ignored his ordered to stay away from a freeway and he was trying to take her into custody to protect her. that officer is on leave and the woman is in a medical
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facility under an involuntary psychiatric hold. you might remember the movie "the wild ones" with marlon brando about an incident in hollister. something of a replay over the weekend in hollister. they made an arrest following a shooting linked to a biker rally. the gunfire erupted yesterday at a gas station at the intersection of highway 25 and san felipe road. three people were shot and wounded and one man was arrested at the scene. police are looking for more suspects. the victims had taken part in a rally for motorcycle riders over the fourth of july weekend in hollister. happening today, in los angeles, the fight over the clippers goes to court. shelly sterling has a deal to sell the team to former microsoft ceo steve ballmer. but her estranged husband donald sterling is fighting it saying she blindsided him. shelly maintains she had the authority to sell under the terms of the family trust. also happening today, a friend of the accused boston
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marathon bomber heads to trial. investigators say he threw out dzhokhar tsarnaev's backpack after learning he was a suspect. the backpack allegedly had fireworks that had been emptied of black powder, a bomb making ingredient. he is the first of four college friends of tsarnaev's to go on trial for obstruction of justice. a lifeguard drowned during a rescue in newport beach. three people were pulled out of the water yesterday including a couple of children. all of them are said to be in good condition. the 32-year-old lifeguard had jumped in the water off of a boat and then the lifeguard wept under after being hit by a huge wave. several boats and other lifeguards went into the waters to search for him. >> ben was a well respected individual. always a nice guy. he always was there to help somebody. he'd give his shirt off his back at any time. always had a smile on his face. and he was there to help at every single moment. >> newport beach police say this is the first time a
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lifeguard has died in the line of duty in the city's 100 year history. the murder trial for olympic braid runner ops opts -- blade runner oscar pistorius is wrapping up. the details on a new video stirring up controversy outside the courtroom. >> plus, storm chasers on the front line of danger when a vicious tornado lands in iowa. after the break a look at the damage. >> looking like a heat wave for some. not so much for others. we'll show you where you can keep it cool coming up. >> and we are flying over our road sensors right now we're already starting to see the delays coming out of tracy. and through the altamont pass. we'll actually have a drive time for that stretch after this break. but first we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute? ask a question or share a gripe by e-mailing or tweet me at e -- flush and watch right here to see if your question gets answered on air. we'll be right back. ,,
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olympic runner oscar 's live pictu we are on the scene of breaking news right now in the south bay. these are live pictures of a two alarm fire that's burning this thorn in los gatos. you can see the smoke in the area. this is at manrisa's restaurant on the village lane. you may have heard of this restaurant. it's won numerous awards a very popular restaurant. no word on possible injuries or what caused the fire. but this is what it looks like -- looked like a short time
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ago. you can see the flames there coming out of the roof of the restaurant. and crews working on putting it out and at one point they got control of it and then it sort of broke out again. and as we saw from that live picture, smoke is still in the area. we're going to remain on the scene and bring you more information as it becomes available. other news today, could be the final day of testimony in the murder trial of olympic runner oscar pistorius. he's accused of killing his girlfriend in south africa last year. right now the defense is furious over the leak of a video that shows pistorius demonstrating the events from the night of the murder while walking without his prosthetic leks. the video was leaked by australian television network. later this morning, the highway patrol will accept job applications online for the first time. the chp will take applications on the internet for just four days from 8:00 a.m. today until 5:00 p.m. on thursday. all candidates must be between 20 and 35 years old. a u.s. citizen, have no felony convictions, and be a high
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school graduate. anyone interested can visit justin bieber's trial on dui charges is set to start today. the 20-year-old pop star was arrested in january in miami beach and accused of driving under the influence. authorities say he was drag racing with r&b singer, both pleaded not guilty to dui. bieber was also charged with driving on an expired license and resisting arrest without violence. he's always getting into some trouble. >> kind of his claim to fame these days. >> trouble? >> his middle name. >> kind of say the same thing about elizabeth. any trouble on the roads no. that's right nothing bull bad news. all right thanks guys and you know out the door everything is pretty quiet so far on this start of the monday morning. no road work out there. if you are coming out of tracy though you are starting to see some delays probably slowest drive time. only about 17 minutes. more and more of those yellow sensors popping up all the way through the livermore valley.
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but right now as we go flying you can see the heaviest traffic is from 205 to grantline and then it does loosen up a built as you get closer and closer to the dublin interchange. traffic improving more and more and continues to move well through the grade and the castro valley wide. in fremont, we had this may juror injury collision from the parkway stretch of it is closed between sequoia and peralta. use fremont boulevard until it reopens and it's likely after 7:00 until that stretch is able to be opened to traffic once again. northbound 280 that reopened ahead of schedule. the 280 extension they wrapped up the holiday road work. so you can use 101 or 280 get into the city -- to get goo into the city. -- into the city. and crossing the branch everything is quiet from the east bay. a lot of fog in our traffic cameras. here's lawrence with the latest. yes some very dense fog as you get closer torte coastline. that fog beginning to slide on shore and also some mid to high level clouds moving on through.
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a little bit of everything this morning. no rain today. just those clouds passing on through. partly cloudy into the afternoon. hot temperatures still inland if the clouds are thick enough it may knock down the temperatures a couple of degrees and then cooler weather on the way starting tomorrow. i think back to normal as we look to the middle to have week. but right now what a difference, along the coastline you're going to have some 60s today. the valley you could very well hit triple digits well inland. about a 40-degree difference along the coastline and valleys this afternoon. a hot 107 degrees in fresno. slight chance of some thunderstorms in lake tahoe headed in direction. about 88 degrees. and 112 very hot into redding. here we go models showing you the i clouds moving on by and the clouds near the coastline. that will persist throughout the day today. so we're going to keep temperatures cool right out toward the beaches but you head inland, start to warm up in a hurry and in fact you get to morgan hill and looking at 96. about 84 in san jose. 60s along the coastline. and east bay temperatures are where it's really going to
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cook. 102 degrees in brentwood and then inside the bay much cooler into san francisco. 67-degrees there. about 72 in alameda. about 9 degrees getting very warm into sonoma. next couple of days we are going to start to cool down the temperatures it looks like we're headed back to normal as we head in toward wednesday and thursday. and then by this next weekend, high pressure is starting to strengthen again and the temperatures begin warming up guys. and police nite week ahead -- pretty nice week ahead. >> no chance of thunderstorms for us though. >> i don't think so. i don't think the atmosphere is unstable enough. >> i know darn. >> that's a bummer. all right. >> well you know michelle is used to it. we love it or we kind of love it. at least 11 tornadoes touched down in iowa. some spots saw multiple twisters yesterday. several properties and some homes were damaged. but there are no reports of serious injuries or deaths. it's expected to be hot and muggy today in iowa and then more thunderstorms tonight. and a tornado photo bombed. some wedding pictures in canada. look at the background of this picture. the couple was outside in sasquatch wan on saturday when
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-- saskatchewan on saturday when the photographer took the picture. two tornadoes did touch down near the couple's photo shoot. a southern california swimmer says he came eye to eye with a great white shark as the shark was biting his chest. the victim told reporter art baron about the attack off manhattan beach. >> i had a shark surface from the bottom of the water. >> reporter: steven robles is recovering a day after a great white shark bit him while swimming in manhattan beach. >> and at that moment i happened to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time. >> reporter: he shared the photos of his injuries to his right torso and right thumb. >> bit right into my chest and i felt that crunch. right into my chest. and that compression with the teeth coming in my ribs. >> reporter: a fisherman on the pier hooked a great white with his line. >> unfortunately the shark was agitated by a officialerman up
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-- fisherman up on the pier. whoever was videotapinged. they were laughing and -- it. they were laughing and joking like hey there's this guy getting bit by a shark, ha ha. i don't think -- they understood what was really going on. >> reporter: moments later, you can hear robles screaming in the water. >> look he's yelling still. >> he got bit. >> reporter: robles is no stranger to water. last year, he swam from catalina to a 24-mile distance in 13 hours and his 40 years in the water never encountered a great white shark. >> i would really hope they will make more restraight laws regarding the niche fish -- regarding the fishermen in manhattan beach. >> reporter: the fisherman was throwing chum in the water to attract sharking an allegation the -- sharks an allegation the fisherman denied. >> it's sore, my thumb has no sensation right now. my thumb -- wiggles but i -- it
5:20 am
hurts. >> that's art baron reporting, the victim says he would like to meet with those who helped him get to safety on shore luckily he's still alive. >> yeah. good for him the most disturbing part of that to me are the people kind of having fun with it. that's too bad. >> he's all right. hey, the a's' new pitcher shows why he was such a big deal yesterday. and why was the media room at the coliseum so crowded? don't go anywhere. >> and what is 8:00 about your school? -- cool about your school or your summer camp? e-mail your nomination to us at and we may come and feature your school or camp on the show. ,,,, ,,
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start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans! and we are checking out the ride right now across the golden gate bridge. obviously things are flowing nicely on both directions of 101 northbound and southbound. you will put a little bit of fog though out of sausalito. a full look at your kcbs drive to work all coming up. and we are still following breaking news in the south bay. a two alarm fire is burning this morning in los gatos. it's at manri south america restaurant on vail -- manrisa restaurant on village lane. a very popular restaurant and won numerous awards. more information as it becomes
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available. hey good morning everybody. so what's everybody talking about? how about the all-star rosters announced yesterday? bumgarner and pence will represent the giants but no team in baseball has more players going to the minneapolis game than the oakland a's. how about six? that's right. six. josh donaldson will start at third base. also going, cespedes and moss, norris, scott kazmir, doolittle and new pitcher jeff samardzija was selected as a member of the cubs but can't play because of the trade to oakland. speaking of samardzija. he made the a's debut yesterday against toronto and he was awesome. a's up 2-0 in the 4th and john jaso a little bit more offense. brings in lowrie to make it 3- 0. samardzija impressive. one run, four hits and struck out the side here in the 7th to finish his day. a's won it 4-2. tim lincecum not another no no against san diego but he was the padre for sure.
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top 3 joe bannock going the opposite way and here comes speedy hunser pent to make it -- hunter pension to make it 2- 0. they stay a half game behind the dodgers. david and victoria beckham, prince william, kate. and novak djokovic beat roger federer in a five set thriller, his second wimbledon crown and seventh grand slam title. that is sports at this hour. dennis o'donnell will bring you the rest of the way later on today. giants, a's, which way you going? the game is at 6:30 today. i felt that crunch right into my chest. >> after the break, a california swimmer describes his terrifying encounter with a shark. >> tsa has a new rule. i'm mark kelly live at sfo. coming up, i'll explain how it affects your phone. ,,,,
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[cheering]ight. last week we hosted. this week the kids invited us to their place. we got this delicious kfc meal and 2 extra sides for free. for free! sorry i was late. i had a little trouble with the rope ladder. he fell twice. ♪ it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake.
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i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at flying to the u-s from acro power it up or leave it behind. the tsa introduces new security measures for travelers flying to the u.s. from across the sea. plus six jewish suspects are now in custody following the murder of a palestinian teenager. this morning, why his family says police are not doing enough to investigate his death. we are starting the day with a whole lot of clouds. why today? well likely be the hottest day of the week. we'll talk about it coming up. and streets are i main closed in free hospital after a major injury crash happened overnight. we'll show you some good alternates coming up. good morning everyone, it is monday, july 7th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm brian hackney. and we are continuing to
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cover breaking news in the south bay. a two alarm fire is burning this morning in los gatos. radio matt bigler is at the scene of the fire with an update for us, matt? >> reporter: yeah, this well- known restaurant here in los gatos is suffering some serious damage this morning. in the way of fire. look at what's going on behind us, just watched fire crews as they cut holes in the top of the restaurant. those holes there to the right hand side of the service entrance. that is so they can vent out smoke and flames and get com of the fire -- control of the fire that's been burning in the kitchen and service area which is right next to the dying area. this all started earlier this morning with some sort of a fire either on the outside or the interior of the structure. it spread inside and actually at one point, started a gas main on fire. so fire crews had to call in the hazmat team to control the gas main and only then could they start attacking the fire. at that point they had to cut the holes in the roof and then do the interior attacks.
5:31 am
at this point it appears the fire has been diminished although as you can see they continue to spray water on it. fortunately, the dining room area of this well-known restaurant appears to be unaffected. [ inaudible ] >> and we're having technical difficulties with matt bigler but we are going to have more for you on this fire in the south bay. developing now, people flying into the u.s. from the middle east and europe are now required to go through extra security checks. tsa agents are paying close attention to electronic devices. kpix 5's mark kelly is live at sfo with what prompted this additional security measure. mark? >> reporter: well, mill shell there's concern that al-qaeda is plotting some sort of bomb threat but basically the new measure is to turn on all of the security devices the next time you go through security at the airport and you better have them all charged. because if you can't turn the device on, security will take it. the tsa is not revealing which
5:32 am
airports are part of the new security measures. but we have learned they include all major airports in europe and the middle east. several travelers returning from amsterdam say they did not see any changes. >> did anyone ask you to power on your electronic device? >> no. >> reporter: homeland security secretary jay johnson said in a statement -- u.s. intelligence officials are concerned that westerners who have traveled to syria and iraq to join the fighting there may try to blow up a plane. >> i'm all for the it because when you're on the plane if something happens like that, they're trying to protect us. >> reporter: officials say sunday's announcement was not prompted by intelligence about specific new threats. one more thing also going to be taking a closer look at your shoes. and just to clarify, this is for passengers that are headed from the middle east or europe into the u.s..
5:33 am
it's not passengers in the u.s.. michelle, leaving for europe or the middle east. >> that's good to note mark. so they tell us to turn phones off on the plane now they want phones on through security. it seems like rules are always changing, what's prompting all of this? >> it really does seem to change all the time. one of the passengers said hey if i don't have this phone charged i'm going to have to give it up. of course the answer to that is yes. as far as michelle what's prompting this. they are adamant there's no specific terrorist threat at this time. live at sfo, mark kelly, kpix 5. quickly mention too we got word that this morning, there was a mag knighted earthquake in the state of mazatan in mexico. two people have been confirmed killed in guatemala. >> quite a big quake. no tsunami generated by the quake it looks like. hey guys we've got some changes in the weather we've got some monsoonal moisture sweeping overhead.
5:34 am
some dense fog moving in down below. so yeah, little bit of everything outside today as the clouds continue to move in along the coastline. but what a neat start to the day. it's going to be really fantastic to like at -- look at outside. so it will be sunny and warm inside the bay. 70s and 80s today. the valleys if the clouds don't get too thick even hotter today. some 90s maybe even some triple digits but only 60s along the coastline with the patchy fog can the sea breeze. you can see the mid to high level clouds also beginning to move in and temperatures now in the 50s and the 60s. by the afternoon, as hot as 98 in fairfield. 95 in concord. 88 in the napa valley. about 74-degrees in oakland and 67 degrees a cool breeze in san francisco. all right, time to check on the roads now with elizabeth. yeah thanks lawrence and we're watching the bay bridge. and we're seeing the cash lanes fill up slowly but surely. no metering lights yet. so you have a fastrak you're fine. no delay from the east bay but
5:35 am
again to the middle of the parking lot is the busiest delays trying to get into the city from the east bay. earlier crash at grantline and everything is now clear but that's why the drive time kind of jumped a little by ahead of schedule up to 22 minutes already between the at possibility pass and 680. but the heaviest traffic is still on 205. coming out of tracy. and we were also watching a major injury crash it happened overnight shortly after 12:30 this morning in fremont. the padre wash pais is closed between sequoia and peralta. there's a tweet from the police department letting you know fremont boulevard is going to be your best alternate. not expected to reopen until 7:00, maybe up to 8:00 later this morning. that's your latest kcbs traffic. brian michelle back to you guys. thanks liz. authorities in israel have arrested six jewish suspects in the revenge murder of a palestinian teenager. the killing was sparked by the able duction and murder -- abduction and murder of three teens last month and despite
5:36 am
the arrests as tara mergenner reports tensions are escalating in the region. >> reporter: overnight israeli air strikes over the gaza strip killed at least seven members of hamas -- hamas. the attacks came in response to delayly rocket fire from gaza mill substantials. it's part of the growing tension following last month's abduction and murder of three israeli teens in the west bank. six jewish suspects were arrested over the weekend for the apparent retaliatory kidnapping and murder of a palestinian teen. mohammed abu khdeir's family in california says their cousin suffered a brutal and senseless death. >> i was praying that he'd died before they lit him on fire. and then the autopsy shows he's got smoke in his lungs. so he was breathing the whole time he was on fire. >> reporter: his palestinian american cousin tariq was attacked and beaten by forces as he attended a protest after the murder and now under house arrest. >> they punched me. they kicked me. they -- they kicked me in my face and they made sure i
5:37 am
wasn't able to see anything. i wasn't even breathing. >> reporter: the u.s. state department has condemned the beating. but israel's ambassador to the u.s. says he was not just an innocent bystander. >> he was with six other people. they were masked and they threw bombs and molotov cocktails at our police. three of them had knives. >> reporter: leaders from both sides are appealing for calm as tensions rise. tara mergenner for cbs news, washington. >> hamas vows to avenge the deaths of its members saying quote -- the enemy will pay a tremendous price. sunday marked one year since asiana airlines flight 214 crash-landed at sfo killing three people and injuring more than 200. the plane came in too low and too slow clipping the seawall and tumbling down the runway. the ntsb has put the blame on the pilots for botching the approach. one of the passengers who died actually survived the initial crash, but she was run over on the tarmac by firefighters. stock futures are lower as traders came off the long
5:38 am
holiday weekend. >> jill wagner of and gosh jill, not going to happen today with dow 18,000? >> hey you know the way it's going, you never know. good morning frank and michelle. investors returned from the holiday with stocks in record territory. on thursday, the dow broke 17,000 for the first time ever. so it closed up 92 points finishing at 17,068. the nasdaq rose 28. some new details on the nsa's spy program. nsa leaker snowden provided the "washington post" with hundreds of thousands of documents. they show that nine out of ten people the nsa collected data on were not the intended surveillance targets. many of them americans. and some of the surveillance files contain personal info like baby photos, selfies and resumes but the information gathered did reportedly help capture two wanted terrorists. the classic jeep wangler could be going on a diet. chrysler is reportedly giving the wrangler a bit of a makeover considering making it
5:39 am
lighter with a smaller engine so it won't burn as much gas. redesirableing a classic car always though considered a risk. now these changes are being talked about as cars face tougher fuel economy standards. and starbucks' classic green aprons are getting a dash of red white and blue. employees who served in the military or whose spouse is a vet will wear new patriotic aprons adorned with american flags. this all started a starbucks near a base in washington state as a way to show support for the military. the company has said it plans to hire about 10,000 vets and military spouses in the next few years. frank and michelle? >> brian is so hurt right now it's brian today. not frank. but that's okay. >> i'm sorriment i'm sorry brian. i didn't know. >> that's all right. maybe your middle name is frank. no? >> no. >> i am very frank. but not in that way. >> that's true. all right so apparently there's something new at t.g.i.friday's jill. what is it? >> well, they are rolling out a
5:40 am
new summer promotion to get customers in the door. endless appetizers. so for $10, diners can choose from a list of friday's most popular starters and then get unlimited refills of that appetizer. loaded potato skins and bonnilasse we have low wing -- buffalo wings are all included. friday's says sharing is discouraged but not banned. brian maybe buy you an endless appetizer to make up for mixing up your name. >> call it even. >> that sounds good. all right. jill wagner of thank you. and new this morning city college of san francisco is suing a cafe they say bilked the school out of about $130,000. the cafe bean scene is accused of skipping many rent payments over an eight year period. the college evicted the company back in june from the mission street campus. allegedly bean scene paid rent in just two of the previous 14 months. college leaders say the eviction shows they are addressing the problem of lax fiscal oversight.
5:41 am
voters in two bay area cities will get a chance this fall to approve a tax on sugary beverages. but anne makovec found out the real issue could be where the money eventually ends up. ening s of these leading to obesity.)) councn kriss worthington spoke on 5 sunday morning. ((7:45:54 ' of doing busin >> reporter: berkeley is the latest bay area city to attempt to put a new tax on sodas. the city council voted unanimously last week to put a tax on sugary beverages on the november ballot. councilman chris worthington spoke on kpix 5 sunday morning. >> it's not a sales tax. it's a tax on the distributor for the -- for the pleasure of doing business in the city of berkeley. >> reporter: but the distributor would also likely have the pleasure of passing that cost on to the consumer. berkeley's proposal adds a penny to the cost of each ounce of sugary beverages. in san francisco there's that measure on the ballot for a two cent per ounce tax. that means on a 20 ounce bottle like this it would be 40 cents. in san francisco that money goes to nutrition programs. in berkeley it would go straight to the city's general
5:42 am
fund. >> there's not an official restriction on what the city council could use the money for. >> reporter: that means berkeley's measure would require only a simple majority to pass. a special tax like san francisco's requires a two- thirds majority to pass. voters we spoke with are mixed. >> i don't know if the government taxing people any more than they're already taxing us would really help the situation at all. >> reporter: and for some where the taxes are banked matters. >> it depends on where the funds are going. paying a little bit more when you know you're doing something unhealthy doesn't kill anybody. >> reporter: the city of richmond had an initiative. was similar to berkeley in 2012 that failed. some specifically called out the general fund as the reason. the soda industry also spent more than $2 million to defeat it. and is expected to shell out more this time around. in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> california's so-called sip and spit bill could soon become
5:43 am
law. it applies to students who are learning how to make beer or wine at california colleges. right now you have to be 21 to taste your creations. the bill would allow underaged students to sip their drinks as long as they spit them back out. which because they're student experiments they might want to do anyway. the bill is now on the governor's desk awaiting his signature. a shark attack victim speaking out after a terrifying situation almost cost him his life. what he's saying about the close encounter when he saw the shark eye to eye. >> plus, a bay area attorney tells a mobile app developer to cut out the monkey business or face some stiff penalties. >> and hidden cash strikes again. find out where people were sent on all-out scavenger hunt for envelopes full of cash. ,,,,
5:44 am
bulldog: it's true! i am a bundle of talent! but my friends are learning skills that can change a life. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train dogs like suzie to engage students in schools and special education classes. while ginger visits folks in the hospital offering quiet comfort. with your help, we can do even more! make a donation at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people.
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ride-sharing services will up for debate this week. the
5:46 am
ate p-u-c will mee touch new regulations on ride sharing services will come up for debate this week. the state puc will meet thursday to discuss expanding insurance requirements for companies like uber and lyft. drivers would be required to carry $1 million in commercial insurance. a mobile app that allows people to auction off prime parking spaces in san francisco has until friday to stop operating in san francisco. the city attorney sent a cease and desist order to italy based monkey parking last month. the app lets you know people sell their parking space to another driver. but the city says that's not fair and it's threatening a lawsuit if monkey parking doesn't stop operating here. and let's see if the roads look like a parking lot out there. liz? >> you took my line. i was going to say that. not so far coming into san ramone but it could. we have three lanes brocked. a crash just reported. it is in the southbound direction approaching that canyon road exit. again three lanes are blocked
5:47 am
and fortunately no major delays yet. 51 miles per hour. we'll let you know as soon as that changes. if it does. in the meantime, we do have this major injury crash still there still blocking lanes the driver was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. shortly after 12:30 so padre parkway remains closed between sequoia and peralta. we have a crew on the scene and may bring you live pictures here pretty shortly. in the meantime use peralta or thornton to get around. loop out towards fremont boulevard and fremont boulevard will be the best alternate. that stretch of the parkway isn't expected to reopen until sometime between 7:00 and 8:00 this morning missouri a live look outside. in you are -- this morning. here's a live look outside. northbound and southbound the taillights that's the commute direction northbound still looking good all the way to the macarthur maze. that's your latest kcbs traffic, more on the monday morning here's lawrence. glad to see that 280 was open again going northbound. >> yes i know good news dr. .
5:48 am
>> then they had 101 closed because there was a wreck there. >> that cleared. >> so most of you are headed out this morning we have some dense fog to worry about along the coastline. also some mid to high level clouds and monsoonal moisture sliding in across the skies as well. a beautiful sunrise this morning. out the door we go this afternoon. we'll have some partly cloudy skies getting hot in spots inland but much cooler near the coastline. with some patchy fog and then it looks like all the temperatures begin to cool down and headed back to normal into the middle of the week. today probably going to be to hottest day of the week. some of the clouds being swept up into the bay area around that ridge of high pressure. still got some fog out toward the beaches so maybe about 40 degrees cooler right near the coastline. temperatures in the central valley very hot. 107 degrees in fresno. could be 112 today in redding. slight chance of some thunderstorms in toward lake tahoe. about 88-degrees there and 101 in yosemite. computer models handling this pretty well. some clouds continuing to move on by. some mid to high level clouds floating on through. low clouds and fog pretty consistent along the coastline.
5:49 am
and now we'll keep the temperatures down out toward the beaches. you head inside the bay, you'll find warm sunshine this afternoon. about 84 in san jose. 96 in morgan hill. and getting hot as you make your way into the valleys this afternoon. 100 in antioch. 102 brentwood and about 99 in pittsburg. 95 degrees in concord. into the bay you'll see about 67-degrees with a breeze in san francisco and as we look out toward the next couple of days the sunrise today at 5:55 and sunset at 8:34. we are going to start to slowly cool down the temperatures back to normal as we head in toward wednesday and thursday and then just warming up nicely as we look to the neck weekend. what a difference between the coast and valleys today. sweltering to boy put on the thick jacket going to be chilly there. >> no kidding i think just stay what inland? >> that will be nice and warm. here it's going to be a little cool. thanks. southern california man has been swimming in the sea for decades but for the first time, he came face-to-face with a great white shark. >> art baron reports the swimmer feels lucky to be alive
5:50 am
after he was attacked off manhattan beach. >> i had a shark surface from the bottom of the water. >> reporter: steven robles is recovering a day after a great white shark bit him while swimming in manhattan beach. >> at that moment, i happened to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time. >> reporter: he shared these photos of the injuries to his torso and right thumb. >> bit right into my chest. and i felt that crunch right into my chest. and that compression with the teeth coming in my ribs. >> reporter: a fisherman on the manhattan beach pier hooked the great white his line. >> unfortunately, the shark was agitated by a fisherman up on the pier. >> look at him. right -- look. right in front of him. dude look. oh! >> whoever was videotaping it. they were laughing and joking like hey there's this guy getting bit by a hark, is that is a. -- shark. ha ha. i don't think they understood what was really going on. >> reporter: moments later, you can hear robles screaming in the water. >> look he's yelling still. >> he got bit.
5:51 am
he got bit. >> reporter: robles is no stranger to water. last year he swam from catalina to a 24-mile distance in 13 hours. in his 40 years in the water, he's never encountered a great white shark. >> i would really hope they will make more restrict laws regarding the fisherman in manhattan beach. >> reporter: he was treated by lifeguards on the beach and his wife glenda heard from others the officialerman was throwing chum in the water to attract sharks an app allegation the fisherman denied. >> it's sore, my thumb has no sensation right now. my hands and my fingers and my thumb -- wiggles but i -- it hurts. >> and that was art par ron reporting. -- baron reporting. he's very lucky to be alive. >> as we've been saying all morning the most disturbing thing about that. the fact that the people who were just standing by and laughing about it is the most disturbing thing of all. >> maybe they didn't know? we'll give them the benefit of the doubt. maybe they didn't know.
5:52 am
but you know. it is disturbing. well the victim says he would like to meet those who helped him get to safely to shore and thank them. tight now 5:5 # 2. the hidden cash craze is back. find out where the popular scavenger hunts had people scrambling for envelopes and money this weekend. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time.
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sorry. get a free quote at still fighting that fire in the north bay today. it's going to be hot this afternoon. no getting around that. so with northwesterly winds will be picking up about 10 miles per hour, gusting to about 15 so not really bad. but the humidity will be dropping this afternoon. to be between about 30% and 45%. and it looks like we have a bit of a traffic jam right now in concord. they're working to clear an accident southbound 242. it's right before the concord boulevard exit. they may have just cleared it off to the shoulder. but the backups extend to highway 4. we'll have a full look at your kcbs traffic coming up. another look at the breaking news we're following in the south bay. these are live pictures of a two alarm fire that's burning in los gatos. this is at manresa restaurant on village lane in los gatos. you can see that the smoke is still in the air there. so far, the fire is not -- the
5:56 am
origin of the fire is not known. the cause of the fire -- but at one point, fire crews were cutting a hole in the roof to vent that fire out and you can see the flames still going on. apparently manresa very popular restaurant and no word of any injuries, more information as it becomes available. the cash philanthropist/publicity seeker is at it again. jason boo see tweeted he had hidden pez dispensers full of money at a san diego beach. he dropped hints about the location. hunters went to the beach dicking with share -- digging with their spades and feet. to date they have given away about $40,000 in ten cities. tsa has a new rule affecting all your electronic goc gadgets -- gadget, i'm mark kelly, coming up a live report on which passengers need to know the new rule. ,,
5:57 am
heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you. [prof. burke] at farmers,we believe what you don't know [bell rings] can hurt you. like what if you didn't know to get coverage for uninsured drivers? [robot] uh oh. [prof. burke] talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪
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our job is to -- is to try to anticipate the next attack. not simply react to the last one. >> some passengers entering the u.s. from overseas will have to prove their electronic devices can power up tour gadgets won't be allowed on the plane. the tsa is boosting security amid new concerns terrorists are plotting to blow up an airliner. they did a hell of a job to save this place. >> firefighters are making progress batting the monticello fire near lake berryessa in yolo county. the fire is now 30% contained and it's burned more than 6,000 acres since friday night. jay how fast something can turn. how your life can just change. instantly. >> a southern california man is talking about his encounter with a great white shark. it attacked during a morning swim near manhattan beach. fellow swimmers and paddle boarder had to carry the man to sh


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